Functional Medicine Testimonials

“My family first started seeing Dr. Matt for chiropractic maintenance care. As a med traveling family we needed someone we could trust with our health right away as we were only in town for 8 weeks. At our very first visit I felt comfortable enough to dive into the functional medicine side of the practice as I had been feeling very ill for months on end with no relief. After a quick blood test we found out that I had another autoimmune disease. He promptly put me on a great supplement and diet regimen. Within a week I felt some relief, within two I was a whole new person. We have since moved locations, however Dr. Matt continues to just be a phone call or email away for any flair ups so I don’t have to suffer through months of pain, exhaustion and immense brain fog. He really took the time to figure out the root of my problems, not just mask it with medication. I can’t thank Dr. Matt enough, and neither can my kids, He gave them their mom back!”
-Teri C
“My 21 year old daughter has a rare genetic connective tissue disorder. It causes a lot of subluxations, dislocations and pain for her. Due to her specific medical condition, I had always been very leery of her receiving chiropractic care. Our journey to finding Dr. Matt was through the Functional Medicine aspect of his practice. When I called the office to discuss the possibility of her becoming a patient, Barb, a saint, was very welcoming and knowledgeable. At her first visit, we addressed the Functional Medicine aspects of the care that we were looking for. It was also, very gently, recommended that she be evaluated for chiropractic care. We decided to give it a try. Dr. Matt was amazing. He very gently put her back “together.” She has issues from her knees to her pelvis, SI joint, hips, spine, shoulders, neck, jaw and head. She always felt better after being treated. Her treatments are very thorough and never rushed. Dr. Matt is a gifted chiropractor and a great person. I highly recommend his office.”
-Shelley R
“I began working with Dr. Matthew Smith to address ongoing side effects caused by an autoimmune disorder, Hashimoto’s Disease, of my thyroid, which began four years ago. After three years of inconsistent, and ultimately unsuccessful, treatment by an endocrinologist and the use of artificial thyroid stimulating hormone (TSH), or synthroid, I was frustrated by an inability to lose weight, ongoing inflammation, bloating and numerous other chronic side-effects of the disease. Rather than simply trying and failing to mask the side=effects, as the endocrinologist had done, Dr. Matt began measuring and treating the causes behind symptoms. Dr. Matt identified these causes as including inflammation, anemia and low absorption of vitamins B12 and D, all resulting from the disease’s irritation of the gut. Since May 2012, Dr. Matt has guided me on how to eliminate foods that increased the levels of TSH and or caused irritation or inflammation. This involved my starting a life-long, gluten-free diet, avoiding nightshade foods, and after taking blood tests to measure the functional facts behind my symptoms, doing a 35-day Repairvite cleanse, supplemented by Apex Brand Nitiric Balance, Resvero, Tumero, Bitamin D, Oxicell, and B12 drops. The results have changed my life. For the first time in four years, the bloating and weight have decreased naturally, and supplements have allowed me to feel more consistently energetic and to function daily in a healthy way. In short, I’m beginning to feel like myself again. Most importantly, by reappearing my gut, feeding my body the necessary nutrition, and reducing irritation and inflammation, I feel that I’m preventing further problems down the road. Thanks, Dr. Matt, for giving me a healthy fresh start and path to follow.”
-Erin F
“In November of 2004 my life spun out of control. It all started with a trip to the emergency room because one of my fingers turned blue. While waiting to be seen, the color in my finger returned to normal, labs were drawn, and I was sent home. Monday morning my doctor wanted to review my lab results with me. She told me that I had Scleroderma and needed to be evaluated by a Rheumatologist. That was the beginning of a very long journey of seeing numerous specialists, having 4 separate hand surgeries (a near finger amputation) due to severe Raynaud’s, and tests too numerous to count. At the end, I was no closer to finding out how to treat and manage my autoimmune disease. It seemed as though I left a doctor’s office with more questions than answers. One doctor even told me that there was no treatment or cure for my disease; that all he could do was treat my symptoms. More often than not I walked out feeling worse than when I walked in. After 2-3 years, I sunk into a place of despair and hopelessness. One day a friend of mine suggested I see a chiropractor. She told me he had done great things for her son. I had always been so skeptical of chiropractors and waited another 6 months before I took a leap of faith. The day I walked into the office my heart was heavy. I just knew I would walk out of yet another office knowing no more than when I walked in. After all, I am a nurse who had seen the top rheumatologist in town, what good could a chiropractor do? That day changed my life! I began to understand about the how and why of my autoimmune disease. What was happening to my body? How I would not be able to reverse the damage that had occurred but how I could slow the progression of the disease and take back control of my life. I began to feel a bit of hope and perhaps a lighter heart. The day I began to embrace functional medicine was truly the first day in my journey of becoming healthier. Since that time my doctor moved to California and I thought, “How will I ever find someone who can take care of me.” Some would say “as luck would have it”, but I know that God led me to Thrive for Life. Dr. Matt and I work together to keep me healthy. One valuable lesson I have learned since being cared for by Dr. Matt is that Functional Medicine works best with chiropractic care. That our body needs both, our body needs to be properly aligned in order for it to function at its best. Through nutrition, spiritual and emotional health, and chiropractic care I am the healthiest I have been in years. I am blessed to be a part of the Thrive for Life family. Thanks to Dr. Matt I am able to effectively manage my autoimmune disease. Today I am happy, hopeful, and most importantly healthy!!!”
-Barbara D