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In our world, the terms “Massage Therapy” and “Bodywork” (two interchangeable terms) can refer to many modalities and different types of work. Often, it refers to the receiver being on a comfy table, under a sheet while the therapist uncovers one part of the body at a time and uses oil or lotion to perform manual therapy.

Each therapist offers a different set of techniques, often blending them together to create something unique to themselves. The techniques used and areas worked also depend on the client and the areas to be worked, so sessions also vary client to client.

During your initial session, your wellness history is reviewed and bodywork performed based on your needs. Additionally, any supporting therapies, herbs, nutritional supplements, or referrals may be discussed.

Here at Thrive for Life, Anthony and Lindsey bring their wealth of massage and bodywork experiences to the table. They both draw from over 18 years of experience and education in massage and bodywork, meditation, herbal medicine, nutrition, and spiritual healing.

Lindsey and Anthony are both Certified Arvigo Therapists® (please see the modality section below for more information on The Arvigo Techniques of Mayan Abdominal Therapy®) and have studied a variety of techniques that make up their practices. At this time, Lindsey offers only The Arvigo Techniques of Mayan Abdominal Therapy® to women. Anthony offers the same techniques to women and men and also incorporates cupping, cranio-sacral therapy, and a variety of other techniques listed below in the modalities section.

Some of the major modalities offered at Thrive for Life:

  • Also known as Arvigo Therapy® or Mayan Abdominal Massage, these sessions focus on the abdomen, sacrum, tail-bone and pelvis. The massage performed over the abdomen helps restore proper blood flow to the area and massage along the low back, sacrum and spine helps restore proper nerve function so that the brain can communicate with the organs. The core of this work is a self massage that is typically taught during your first session and is often practiced daily. Along with the massage, several supporting therapies go hand in hand with this work, including castor oil packs, herbal tinctures, pelvic steams, and/or guided meditations.
  • These techniques support families who want to get pregnant, women with painful or irregular menstrual cycles, men with erectile dysfunction, and individuals with troubled digestion.
Craniosacral therapy is a soft-touch therapy that can be performed fully clothed. It promotes full-body healing by releasing tension in the soft tissue and fascia that surrounds the central nervous system and organs. Being so gentle, it can help calm the nervous system and when performed at the end of an invigorating bodywork session, it can help the body hold the work that was received.

Cupping draws fresh blood to the area where they are placed and also helps release muscles and fascia in a unique way. Once the cups are placed, they maintain a steady traction that will break apart adhesions under the skin releasing what might have been stuck. Cups can be left stationary, used to massage, or percussively (quickly placed on and pulled off repeatedly). We use both silicone cups and glass cups for fire cupping. Fire cupping is a much stronger treatment and can release tension quite quickly. Cupping should feel good and can help calm the nervous system.

BMT’s uniquely combine movement, stretches and trigger point work. This dynamic massage and movement approach allows muscles to relax and can help break apart adhesions. Additionally, these movements help the body relax more deeply, which can allow for deeper releases.
When we get stressed, we often begin breathing into our chests, and sometimes, we get stuck there and find it difficult to perform belly breathing. We can calm our own nervous system and massage our own abdomen just by breathing in and out of our bellies, but sometimes this is challenging. Anthony will sometimes help people come back to their breath by guiding them through breathing or meditations.

Anthony has studied and used herbal remedies from the Rainforest since 2014. He tinctures dried herbs from the rainforests of Belize, some of which include Strong Back, Male Tonic, and Female Tonic. Additionally, he has spent countless hours studying with herbalists using MediHerb and Standard Process products, which we have available here at Thrive for Life.

How Anthony Has Helped Others Thrive

Where do I even start with Anthony’s skill set?! He is one of the most gifted massage therapists I have ever met. Being a more athletic person most of my life I have always sought out deep tissue and appreciated a lot of pressure! No pain no gain mentality—until now. The longer that I have gone to Anthony the more that I appreciate less pressure with healing touch and it’s benefits. I now know how much more my muscles release and heal this way thanks to Anthony. He is Intuitive beyond belief—he knows about my ailments just through his massage and intuition! When I first went to him he told me about injuries I already knew that I had that I had not told him about. He consistently listens to the issues that I am having and tries to get to the root cause in helping me fix them one by one slowly but surely! Everything from habits, certain exercises, posture and things that I can do at home to help on a daily basis to free the body of stress! If you’re looking for an all in one package you have found your match!  
-Brittany S.
Although experience and technique is important, I feel the most important trait in a masseuse, or any alternative therapy practitioner, is spot on intuition. Anthony fortunately has all three, with emphasis on spot on intuition. The wonderful thing about his expertise in different techniques is he can literally customize your time with different methods based on what your individual body needs. And then he executes those techniques perfectly. I have never had a masseuse I could tell all the little things I’ve been noticing as well as the big, have them listen to my words, then listen to my body to provide the care I was seeking. I am so grateful for Anthony.  
-Jen B.

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