Chiropractic Testimonials

“I am so glad I found Thrive for Life. For the last 4 years I have struggled with Raynaud’s Syndrome. My fingers would turn white and numb during the winter months. I was constantly wearing gloves or running my hands under warm water. By adding regular chiropractic visits and cleansing my diet I haven’t needed my gloves at all this winter and it’s been cold! So thankful for Dr. Matt and the Thrive for Life team. They have made a huge difference in how I feel!”
-Nicki H, chiropractic patient
“I have received treatment for several years from variety of chiropractor. Dr. Matt has been the first one of many chiropractors that I’ve received treatment from who have been successful in reducing my pain. And some of my pain is completely gone!!! Dr. Matt spends time listening to my issues and is always caring and most of all present, which allows him to effectively treat the problems and address my concerns. The “Thrive for Life” office is friendly and I always know my visit will be pleasant…and I will leave the office feeling great! Dr. Matt rocks!”
-Christine D
“Overall I feel great, heartburn is gone, daily headaches are gone. I feel like after the first adjustment it gave me back 10 year of my life. I didn’t even realize how bad I was until after the work Dr. Matt did on my body”
“For as long as I can remember I have always had headaches, and as I have aged those headaches have progressed. I grew up in a home where I was taught to just take medication and didn’t understand the benefits on chiropractic care. I starting by taking over the counter ibuprofen and then that escalated to prescription pain medication, which over time also escalated as I would get immune to the dosage or that current prescription. Over the past two years, these headaches have started affecting my ability to function, as I began clenching my teeth which then affected my temporomandibular joint also known as TMJ. The headaches are so crippling that I am unable to perform simple everyday tasks and sometimes even unable to get out of bed. Before visiting Thrive for Life, I would have headaches that would be so intense and last for four to five days at a time. Now as long as I maintain a regular routine schedule to get adjusted by Dr. Matt, I am able to keep these headaches at bay and I no longer rely on pain medication, which always had such horrible side effects. Every now and then, added stress does cause a headache to flare up and will stop me in my tracks. As long as I can make it in to see Dr. Matt, he is able to adjust my body and then focus on my jaw by releasing my inner gum muscles and adjusting my jaw and neck muscles that were affected by my clenching. Within, minutes I have instant release and I am even able to smile again. Meeting Dr. Matt has been a lifesaver. Not only am I able to manage the pain but I am also able to do it with no medications. Thanks Dr. Matt!”
-Ashley M
“When I came to Dr. Matt via referral, I had been in physical therapy for 14 weeks and had 5% movement after a shoulder surgery. My surgeon was prepared to take me back into surgery, although I had a series of pulmonary embolism after the original surgery that put me in the hospital for a week. On a lark, last ditch, I went to see Dr. Matt. In 3 weeks’ time I had 45% movement in my shoulder, which my surgeon had called “frozen” just weeks before, and was willing to risk surgery again to repair. Since then Dr. Matt’s whole staff has turned me onto clean eating. I have stopped smoking, lost 15 lbs and have terrific range of movement in my shoulder. He is kind and funny and non-judgmental, even when I was sneaking in my diet pepsi’s. His wide range of knowledge of the human body is astounding. I cannot thank the entire team enough for changing my life.”
-Mary H
“Dr. Matt is the fourth chiropractor I have seen in the last year for my back pain. I have a very physically demanding job, and I have been in pain for years. When I started exploring my options for doctors, I could barely walk after a hard day of work. I tried three other local chiropractors, and basically resigned to the fact that I would be in pain for life. However, after seeing Dr. Matt for the last three months, I am almost pain free! It hasn’t been easy, and it’s required a lot of work on my part and Dr. Matt, but I am feeling great. Thrive For Life takes a different approach than any other office I have been to. It is intuitive, and stresses self-healing. I’d recommend Dr. Matt and Thrive for Life to everyone I know.”
-Annie M
“Dr. Matt does great work, always explains the process, very friendly and welcoming. I would recommend thrive for life to anyone.”
-Andrea M
“I was referred to Thrive for Life from a friend who was experiencing fantastic weight loss results. I had gone to chiropractors in the past, but did not have a pleasant experience and I didn’t know they could be relied on for total body health. Dr. Matt spent the time to assess my current state. We created a diet and an adjustment plan. A short time later, my body feels better and I am losing weight and experiencing an overall improved lifestyle.”
-Geoff J
“After years of pain, medical specialists and unsuccessful treatments, I began giving up on the thought of ever feeling “normal” again. Dr. Matt at Thrive for Life restored my faith in living a pain free life and without him; I would still be the miserable and depressed girl that I used to hate. Not only has Dr. Matt impacted my life, but also those of my family members whom were also running out of options. Dr. Matt is an angel sent on cargo pants and has the ability to make anyone and everyone feel their best possible.”
-Hayley D
“Dr. Matt Smith is amazing! Thank you for helping me to stay healthy and active!”
-Lara M
“Dr. Emily is amazing! She’s been helping improve my posture and my form in weightlifting. She’s worked on hip popping that I’ve had for years, and I’ve even noticed improvements in stress and anxiety levels.”
-Elyse M
“I have been seeing Dr. Matt for years + he has helped me address everything from scoliosis to TMJ to running injuries to sinus infections! He + his staff always offer such friendly, personal service while actually helping me feel better. I find that his adjustments last longer than those of other chiropractors + recommend him highly!”
-Alba C
“Nothing but good things to say about Dr. Emily! I like the attention to detail and thorough methodology based off results instead of just how you feel. Also I feel great after the adjustments.”
-Matthew M
“Dr. Emily is an excellent chiropractor! She is great with kids and has a huge heart to serve the families in her area! Her technique is very gentle and gets great results. If you are looking for a chiropractor I highly recommend you go check her out!”
-Taylor S