Thrive Team Testimonials

“Dr. Matt Smith & his staff are professional, positive, and knowledgeable. They have helped eliminate most of my back pain through treatment, education, & accountability. The experience has also impacted the way I think about my diet. I would recommend Dr. Matt to anyone who wants to improve their overall health!”
-Ryan F
“Individualized, effective, corrective care; professional yet personable; staff genuinely cares about your health. Integrates cutting edge treatments for thorough care. I have received adjustments for over four years and will only come here.”
-Carrie C
“Dr. Matt has worked with me on my APT for the past couple months and within 2 weeks worth of sessions and consulting, there was a considerable difference. Naarah is helping me fix these issues as well by pushing me towards my personal goals. TFL cares so much about their clients needs and wants. Every employee encourages people to live a healthy lifestyle mentally and physically. I love that my training and chiropractic care are at the same place. It makes my schedule easier and gives me the opportunity to speak with Naarah and Dr. Matt at the same time about my needs. I would and will, with no hesitation, recommend TFL to any of my friends, family or personal training clients.”
-Shayelle D
“Three years ago I began training and power lifting with Naarah. I started weighing around 175lbs and struggled with my own training to gain more weight and muscle. Over the past three years Naarah has trained me and helped me reach my goal by adding 20lbs of muscle mass as well as helping me break several personal weightlifting goals. I have competed and taken first place in the United States Powerlifting Association in the state of Missouri as well as competed on a national level in Las Vegas. Naarah has not only taught me technique but also introduced me to Dr. Matt. After my first year of training, I had such severe low back pain that I had trouble putting my pants on in the morning. When Naarah recommended that I see Dr. Matt it changed everything. He was able to put me back together in a short time and I didn’t even have to take any time away from the sport I loved. I continue to see Dr. Matt on a routine basis knowing that his adjustments keep my body functioning properly and allow me to continue my training. Thanks Thrive Team!”
-Brad M
“I love this facility. We are warmly greeted by name as soon as we walk in. We are treated so well. Dr. Matt is always so thorough and gives me great tips to help out my charge. He is always so great with her. She suffers from dementia and doesn’t remember much, but she remembers him and loves him. He makes her laugh, which is very hard to do. I highly recommend Thrive for life.“
-Amber S
“I cannot say enough good things about the Thrive For Life Office. Everyone is awesome, and Dr. Matt is the best chiropractor that I have ever encountered. Totally different viewpoint on wellness and care.“
-Jon F.
“The team at Thrive for Life Chiropractic is awesome. My first visit was because of pain in my thigh and lower leg. Dr. Matt was able to get me aligned but the pain still lingered. Not all pain can be attributed to a physical source. There is stress in our lives that manifests itself in pain. I added acupuncture therapy with Monseratt Gonzalez and I have turned the recovery corner. I have no pain, Dr. Matt’s sessions show more flexibility and my general happiness level has increased. To anyone reading this review, I would highly recommend acupuncture as an addition to your therapy for continued well-being.“
-Susan R
“Much more than chiropractic care! I’m also following a functional medicine and exercise program that has helped me lose the first 2/3 of my weight loss goal in just six weeks. I’m never hungry and I’ve never felt (and moved) better! I highly recommend Dr. Matt & Team to anyone who’s ready to change their health for the better. It’ll take some work, but you’ll get clear direction on what to do. And, the staff couldn’t be more helpful in answering questions. Barb is an on-staff registered nurse–an added “bonus” to give me the guidance I need to stay on the “plan.” Finally, there’s always a chiropractor available. While Dr. Matt is my “main” doc, Dr. Emily–another chiropractor–also knows me, is great to work with, and is available on the rare occasion Dr. Matt can’t be. All in all–a great supportive team that’s helping me every step of the way. Come check ’em out!”
-Andy B