The immune system, often thought of as our first line of defense against foreign bodies, not only functions in that regard but has other important functions in order to maintain a healthy and happy body.

Our Immune System has the following functions:

The Immune System is our body’s first line of defense.  Think of it in terms of a defense system of soldiers created and designed to identify and destroy harmful organisms (the enemy) that are living off our resources and energy.  These organisms can be viruses, bacteria, parasites, etc. that can harm our ability to function.

The Immune System is involved in destroying our own cells.  These cells are destroyed or eliminated because they have grown old.  The process of eliminating biologically old cells is called “cellular apoptosis”. If our immune system is not functioning as it should and this system fails, then diseases such as cancer develops.

The Immune System allows us to heal after injury by creating an inflammatory response.  If this response does not function properly, it can promote degenerative changes and disease.  When things go wrong in the immune system it starts attacking the very same cells it was created to protect (autoimmune).


The Immune system is divided into “specific” (adaptive) and “nonspecific” (acquired) immunity:

Nonspecific immunity protects our body from any organism that is foreign.

Specific immunity involves protecting our body from specific antigens.

The “nonspecific” immune system is our immediate response against a foreign body (antigen) trying to attack our body. The “specific” immune system focuses on antibody production.  The antibodies tag the antigen and once that occurs it is much easier for our natural killer cells to identify and destroy the foreign body.  Our antibody response takes a few days and that is why it takes several days for a person to fight a cold.  Although the “specific” immune system is focuses on antibody production both systems are important for ultimate protection.


So What is Next?

Schedule an appointment with one of our practitioner’s who will be able assist you to identify the root cause of your condition and provide the support needed for your body to heal itself.

Thrive for Life provides a holistic approach to the care of our patients.  We offer Chiropractic Care, Functional Medicine/Nutrition, Acupuncture, NeuroKinetic Therapy (NKT) and Massage Therapy. We have the ability to order testing and recommend nutritional and supplemental support for your condition(s).

At Thrive for Life we believe the body has the ability to heal itself and function optimally.  This is only true if there is nothing interfering with that process.  Our focus as specialists is to find the cause of the interference or imbalance and do everything we can to correct it, allowing the body to once again heal itself and Thrive!  We do not claim to treat conditions or cure disease;  we are simply working to support and restore the body’s natural healing abilities.

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