Chiropractic Care for Children

Chiropractic care for children is different from that for adults.  Tailored to their age and weight, their adjustments often require no more pressure than you’d use to test the ripeness of a tomato.  Children under chiropractic care often enjoy their chiropractic care and look forward to their visits.

Consider the Trauma of the Birth Process

Pulling, forcing and twisting a baby from the birth canal are still too common.  Cesarean section, forceps, suction extraction or eager hands can do unseen damage.  Even “natural” birthing methods can cause subluxations.

Subluxations are areas of your baby’s spine that interfere or distort controlling nerve impulses between the brain and body.  With vital neurological signals compromised, your child’s health may be impaired from his or her first breath, with other problems appearing years later.  Only a chiropractic examination can tell if subluxations are involved.


No communication

With little ones, they cannot simply tell us what is wrong or what hurts.  Some newborns exhibit unexplained crying, lack of appetite, allergic reactions or other difficulties.  They often show a tendency to hold their head to one side or prefer breast feeding from one side.  These are ways they cope with abnormal spinal function and an impaired nervous system.

Chiropractic care has been shown to be helpful for many infants suffering from colic.  As subluxations are reduced, more normal sleep patterns often emerge.  Many parents notice that other aspects of their child’s health improve as well.  Chiropractor are alert to the many way nerve interference can negatively affect your baby’s health.

Another sign of discomfort in infants is rubbing or tugging at their ears.  If they can talk, they complain.  If they cannot talk, their crying makes us feel helpless and desperate.  Subluxations are often found in children who suffer from chronic earaches.  An impaired nerve supply can make their middle ears and Eustachian tubes susceptible to fluid buildup or even infection.

Traditional treatment usually involves the antibiotic amoxicillin.  A recent study showed that children taking amoxicillin compromise their immune system function.  They are twice as likely to have recurring ear problems as those taking just a placebo.  Instead, restoring proper nerve supply with safe and natural chiropractic care has helped thousands.


Boo Boo’s and Tummy Aches

 As crawling turns into walking, walking into running and so on, your little ones are bound to slip, fall, stumble and tumble.  With that there is usually always unseen injuries to their spine.  Uncorrected subluxations can set the stage for problems often seen later in adults.  Regular chiropractic checkups during this time of rapid growth can be helpful.

Spinal subluxations may hamper your child’s ability to ward off infection.  Weakened by a compromised nervous system, stomach, lungs, nose, ears and throat can welcome viruses and other microbes.  Restoring the integrity of the nervous system and the workings of every cell and tissue is what chiropractic care is all about.


Why Chiropractic?

Traditional symptom treating is expensive and unattractive.  That’s why more and more families include a chiropractor on their health team.  At Thrive for Life we look at the body as a whole.  We acknowledge the self-healing properties of the body.  We know that regardless of a child age, a subluxation-free nervous system gives your child the opportunity to be their best.