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Julie Scott LMTCertifications:
Associates of Applied Science in Physical Therapy
Licensed Massage Therapist

Julie started her healing profession as a Physical Therapist Assistant, loving her work with stroke, spinal cord and head injury patients, during very pivotal moments during their lives. During her 7 year run as a PTA, she honed her skills on not only physically rehabilitating people to their fullest potential after devastating injury, but also developed her own passion for truly appreciating the abilities of the human body to heal, and the ability of the human spirit to overcome unimaginable circumstances.

During this period, Julie had two beautiful daughters. After 7 years of working outside the home she became a stay at home mom and became a full time “domestic engineer/goddess”. While she enjoyed every moment of this, she missed the healing profession. After her youngest went to school full time, Julie, a self-proclaimed “body nerd”, went back to school as well, earning her massage therapy license. During her schooling she developed a more comprehensive knowledge of the body as a whole and not as just “injured parts”. She learned the effects of physical and emotional stress on the body, and how she could assist people in working through pain using various modalities of massage and bodywork.

Julie has been a licensed Massage Therapist for 9 years now and is fascinated and grateful everyday for her work with her clients. In her own life she has been gifted with genetics that predispose her to joint pain and back issues. She uses massage, chiropractic care, good nutrition and mindfulness to keep her healthy and pain free. Like most humans, she too occasionally backslides on self care, but chooses to see her pain as a blessing that reminds her to get back on track and remember that self-care is not a luxury, but a necessity! This translates into her empathy and passion for teaching people about the physical, mental and nutritional effects of life on their bodies, and assisting them in living pain free so they can interact in their own lives as fully as they wish to. She lives her journey along side her clients to prove caring for the body is vital to living life well. She believes the only limits that exist are the ones we put on ourselves in our own minds.

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