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Patient Care Coordinator
Barbara’s commitment to Functional Medicine was born from a need to find answers and take control of her autoimmune condition.

In early 2004, managing a number of personal life crisis’ she was diagnosed with an autoimmune disorder. Evaluated by a number of specialists Barbara underwent a battery of tests ranging from lab work to arteriograms. All test results led the physicians no closer to finding an answer on how to proceed with a treatment plan. Frustrated and feeling hopeless Barbara decided to take control of the course of her own healthcare. Her personal journey led her to functional medicine and Thrive for Life. She learned, among other things, that functional medicine, integrative nutrition, and chiropractic care focuses on treating the primary cause of a condition and not just the symptoms. As she has met new challenges in her health, Barbara has sought answers that have a holistic and balanced approach to improving her health and wellness.

“I maintain a firm belief that balance in mind, body and spirit is critical to a feeling of well-being. I believe that it is important for individuals to seek answers to questions and gain insight into their health. Knowledge allows us to make informed decisions about our health and gives us a sense of control and strength in our life’s journey.”

Barbara is a Registered Nurse with over ten years of experience in healthcare. Additionally, she has over 17 years working in the wellness industry, maintaining certifications in Aquatic Group Exercise and Advanced Aquatic Personal training.

In 2006 Barbara lost her husband and committed the next several years to caring for her two sons. The best job she has ever been blessed with is being a mother. Her sons are also committed to chiropractic care and functional medicine. We as a family realize the life God has given us is precious and we need to take good care of ourselves.

“I look forward to meeting Thrive for Life’s clients and am committed to assisting Dr. Matt in meeting your needs and the needs of your family.”

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